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Parent Testimonials

"Hi Kathleen, 

I'm sure you are getting ready to start school. Such an exciting time. Phoebe started Kindergarten yesterday and did great! I really want to say thanks to you and the teachers at First Pres because I truly think her year there helped prep her for this moment. She is confident, courteous and really knows her stuff.  I wished we had found First Pres sooner but regardless, I'm grateful we did. 

Good luck this year and I'm sure I'll see you around town."



"When deciding where to send my son to preschool, I found myself overwhelmed with researching many different options.  After several visitations, none ever came close to the unparalleled level of patience, care, creativity, and academic enrichment that First Pres. has to offer.  For a parent, sending your child into his or her first school experience can be nerve wracking; rest assured that the director, teachers, and staff will truly care for your child’s happiness and development as much as you do.  They are truly fostering a love of learning and deep sense of joy in the educational process for my son.  He is becoming a more confident boy, and his imagination and creativity are in full bloom from his experience in Mrs. Evers’s Three’s program.  In addition to the leaps and bounds he is making academically, he is also socially and emotionally developing and being supported each step of the way which will set him up for success for years to come.  As a teacher, I am blown away by the dedication and true sense of collaboration that each member of the First Pres. team offers to each one of their students.  It truly takes a village to raise a child, and I could not be more satisfied with the tribe who truly invests in the person my son is growing into." 


-Gina Doane, mother of Jamie (Three’s Program)

“First Pres is an exceptional nursery school. My wife being an Educator we looked at many different places to send our daughter, First Pres. was the only school that provided the structure and academics with love and nurture that we were looking for. My daughter has flourished at First Pres because of the teachers, support staff, and administrators. They always put the children first. They are dedicated to each and every child and have made pre-K an amazing experience for my daughter. Everyday she has something new to share. I look forward to sending my son to First Pres. I cannot thank them enough for all of their hard work and dedication.”


-Darren Giordano

“I have sent all 3 of my children to this amazing school and would highly recommend it to parents looking for a great first time educational experience in a warm, friendly environment. The staff is so dedicated and the programs are phenomenal!”

-Kathy Pace 

“In the words of Daniel Tiger, “Thank you, for everything you doooo!” We have found so much comfort and pride, as new members of the First Pres community. You have gone above and beyond, exceeding our expectations with genuine interest and compassion. You have made this fist school experience for ***** and our family amazing even in the midst of some unique personal challenges and a pandemic---you’re the real ‘superheroes’ and we so appreciate all that you do."


-The Josephs

“We cannot even begin to put into words what each of you mean to our children and families. You are teachers, cheer leaders, therapists, and most of all…FAMILY to us. Thank you for all the time and dedication that you give to our children, families and school. We are so grateful!"

-Parents and families of First Pres

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