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Our Curriculum 

We are very proud of our curriculum at First Pres.  We are strong believers in professional development, giving our teachers and administrators opportunities to learn about different schools, programs and philosophies.  We continue to adjust our curriculum to meet the needs of our students and use our new knowledge to enhance our strong curriculum foundation. 


Our curriculum has been influenced by Maria Montessori, the Reggio Emilia approach and Waldorf philosophies.  We have taken the best of these programs and incorporated them into our curriculum.


Our program is literature based, meaning we use literature on a daily basis to introduce subject matter, build upon prior knowledge, and bring enjoyment to all of our students.  We use a project-based curriculum in all of our classes.  A project-based curriculum allows our teachers and students to delve into a topic touching upon all subject areas.  A project may last 3 to 8 weeks and follows the basic guidelines of introducing a topic through literature, gathering existing knowledge, learning about a topic through many different means, using new knowledge to express new learning through projects and finally, sharing new knowledge with others.  Literature and Project-based learning work so well together and allow students to experience an exciting well-balanced program.

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