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Class Descriptions

​2 1/2 Year-Old Preschool Class

Our 2 1/2 year-old program is designed to introduce the young child to school.  We learn through play and hands-on experiences using literature and our environment. We meet each child where they are in their development and work together with parents to foster independence and a love for learning. The main goal is to have the children grow and love school!



​3-Year Old Preschool Class

Our main goal in the 3 year-old program is to introduce the majority of the children to the school environment. Socialization is key during this year of your child's life. During the school day, your child will have opportunities to follow directions in a structured setting while learning how to get along with and work with their peers. The academic portion of our 3 year-old program center on letter and number recognition, counting and name writing while learning a variety of other skills and concepts via weekly and monthly themes. 



4-Year Old Preschool Class

This is a big year for your 4/5 year old! They are a bundle of curiosity, independence and growth in so many different areas at once!

We focus on all of these key areas (and then some); cognitive, social, emotional, physical, artistic and independence. Getting ready for Kindergarten encompasses much more than ABC's & 123's. That is why supporting overall growth in our classes is so important during

this year of your child's development. We explore many different themes that may be related to science, math, social studies and pre-reading skills. Of course, this is in addition to all of the kindergarten readiness skills we will work on, such as writing our names and working on our letters and numbers. The Pre-K year is full of many exciting things to do as we get busy learning and growing here at First Pres, all the while bridging our way from preschool to kindergarten! 



5-Year Old Preschool Class

In our Pre-K 5/6 we concentrate on skills that will build confidence in the children and getting them ready to succeed in kindergarten!  Through a curriculum that is project based, we travel through 4 habitats of the world – Oceans, arctic, desert and rainforest.  We transform our class into each of these habitats and in the process, learn all of the kindergarten readiness skills needed to feel confident and successful.  The children will develop their basic reading, writing, math and science skills through imagination, literature (both fiction and non-fiction) and hands-on exploration.  The students will learn basic routines including center based learning, journaling, morning meetings and unpacking/packing up, which will prepare them for their elementary years. 

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